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Monday, September 03, 2007

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Nandita's Graduation

Monday, March 27, 2006

Snaps of my Arlington trip

Nan and Elzi sitting like they don't really know each other.

And then comes the correction.

Vyb looking a lil groggy.

Elzi and Vyb

Cheers Mate !

Elzi looking bubbly.

And then dinner arrives.

I am done. Cant have anymore.

Nan and me !

Me and Elzi again.

Met up with Shilpa Ramachandra and Prasad after a long time .

Another snap of us. Prasad now sports a beard.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Tagged and Gagged !

Alrite...3:00 am in the day. Weird time to get started to Vid's tag...But kinda in a mood for it..So, here goes. BTW, I liked the way Sups has put down her 20 things, so I am modeling myself on her's.

1) I am inherently lethargic. My inertia is quite humungous. Gets a lot of people flabbergasted. Ask Sath in particular. Although I am making a serious effort to change that , born traits die hard, I guess.

2) My passion for that thing on four wheels is unfathomable. I was nearly born in one. Shucks ! missed it. Would have been a funky start to life! Ever since childhood, I have had the grand ambition to be an auto designer, but my technical frailties in that field have revised my target to a becoming an auto historian. But ironically, the odd combo I have with it is my horrible sense of direction. Less said the better. So, is my knowledge of biology.

3) For me cricket represents life itself. The endless analogies that the game provides with life is just uncanny. Whatever be the situation, I can draw parallels between cricket and life. When I am kinda low, watching a great innings could just be the shot of inspiration I need. I thought I had a bit of talent as a spinner, but no more luck in that area.

4) I love my country. Many times I am misunderstood to be jingoistic. But I beg to differ. I appreciate the "Citizen of the world" theory, but maintain that one needs to have a lil sweet spot somewhere for one's native country. That doesnt mean I love everything about India. We guys are utter hypocrites and not really the most honest lot for which I am shameful to be Indian.

5) I am all for women's rights. To understand that my mother's career suffered after my birth pains me endlessly. I would pay a fortune to go back in time and set it rite. And this point is definitely not to please any female who reads this. Read the next one to be more clear !

6) I dislike being chivalrous to women and rarely practice it. My theory is that if we have have to start treating women equally ( no ifs really) , start by treating your female friends just like any male friend. Stop that shit of being extra sweet . I think that is condescending on women.

7) I try to be over-modest at times which again I am trying to correct. This is a byproduct of my paranoia for bragging. I am naturally under-confident, but the very fact that I am blogging this makes me think that I mite be going in the right direction. I am greatly susceptible to flattery .

8) I cant be thankful enough for my friends. They are my lifeline. And Jundk is the only junta I keep in constant touch with. Jundk ki Jai !

OOOOPs !!! COFFEE DAY boyz of which I am very much a part of !!! What fun we've had there !!

9) I am a zealot. If I believe in someone/something I go all out for it, even at times when my brain is telling me it's wrong. Ocassionally, I am more politically correct than brutally honest, and guess both have their pros and cons !

10) I have bouts of hibernation wherein I shut off everybody from my space including parents. This can last from weeks to months. An attempt at dissecting this problem tells me that I get a feeling of being "less cared" at times. May be , I tend to behave like my dog who wants some attention always. Time to grow up I guess. BTW, I have started liking pets.

11) Related to the last one. I am moody at times, although I can say quite assertively that the frequency of these pangs are diminishing in the last few years. I dislike people who want to be different for the heck of being different , not in style or such areas, but in things like attitude.

12) I am a veggie by choice and I admit that chicken tasted like heaven. I cant bear an animal dying as my food when I can do otherwise. I love working out in the gym. I can do it most days without getting bored. Music with it is like carrot and peas together !

13) When I am wrong, I usually admit it and have no qualms about saying a genuine sorry. The one problem ppl will have with me is that takes quite a while for me to realize I am wrong.

14) I am kinda religious but against blind notions. I dont expend too much thought thinking whether a divine force exists or not. A lil comfortably numb that way.

15) I dont like it too much when my leg getting pulled is deep pleasure for some others. I think sometimes its a lil sadistic. I become red hot then, but cool down in very less time.

16) My vocabulary is only slighty better than average and not very good as it is made out to be. It has been acquired by some curiousity and some non-book reading. I have started reading "books" in the last 3-4 years. A miniscule percentage of junta think I should take up writing more seriously. I wish to be genuinely good someday, a la Vid, Suppi.

17) I like traveling . If I can borrow a sentence from Vid "It is the ride that counts, so stop and smell the flowers". I second that completely. My biggest achievement till date has been seeing a fair bit of Europe and a small part of the US. New York calling I hope !

18) I donno if I am selfish since I have started most points me with "My". But wasnt this supposed to be about me anyway. okie, point 18 is I like Bangalore, because I have a home there but dislike it for lots of other reasons. I would rather that Bangalore was still a quaint pensioner's paradise with lovely weather rather than the "VLSI of people" silicon crap it has turned out to be.

19) I can be comic when I want to and can go overboard sometimes. With me its more of a practical comedy. Have received rave reviews for it of late!

20) I used to hate my dad as much as I loved him, but the hate has vanished ! Touchwood! P.S: I love my mom. period. I was brought up a fairly disciplined kid but the transition between juvenile and adulthood undid that .

Boy, I am done ! this took effort mentally and otherwise . I had never spent soo much time at one go thinking about myself like this.

All criticisms to this post are welcome .

- Vibe

P.S: suggestions on whom I should tag ?